THE ADVANTAGES OF Autocomplete-Optimization


With Autocomplete-Optimization marketing, you can implement a strategic move to bypass your competition.  Search Box Optimization.  This is one time when thinking "inside-the-box" can give you the advantage you need.


Autocomplete-Optimization gets results

Up to now, in order to truly compete, you would have to SEO yourself to the top of page 1 or pay for every click from your customers in a pay-per-click campaign. Now you can bypass the competition, eliminate pay-per-click and own the entire organic search results.

We call it search box optimization

Through our Autocomplete-Optimization initiative, we employ search box enhancement techniques to position your company name precisely where most individuals direct their attention – the search box. This is the space where individuals enter their search queries. Subsequently, your company's name will prominently feature within the auto-suggestion box of various search engines. This presentation will create the impression of organic recommendations or authoritative eminence. Consequently, there will be a heightened tendency for individuals to select your company. After all, based on the visual cues your customers encounter, both Google and Bing appear to endorse such a choice.

Think "inside the box" with the powerful Search Box Optimization

Through our Autocomplete-Optimization initiative, we employ search box enhancement techniques to position your company name prominently for maximum visibility. We are specifically referring to the search box – the area where individuals input their queries. Within the auto-suggested results, your company will prominently feature. This will create the impression of organic recommendations or authoritative prominence. For whatever rationale, individuals will be more inclined to select your company. It's a logical choice since, based on what your customers perceive, Google and Bing are both endorsing your selection.

Take the whole page

You built a great business.  Let us get you in front of the customers. 

You worked hard to build your business.

Presently, emerging companies with limited industry experience are surpassing your position due to their stronger online presence. However, possessing advanced tech skills doesn't necessarily translate to superior customer service.

We're aware of businesses that have a 40-year history but are losing market share to newer online-dominant companies. The opportunity now exists for you to reclaim your rightful standing.

Through Autocomplete-Optimization, you can secure a prominent position in the search results for every potential customer seeking your offerings. Your company name will be prominently displayed to anyone searching for your products or services. Regain your primary position with Autocomplete-Optimization.


Where the search engines suggest where the user should go.

America shops on the first page.

Shopping in America predominantly occurs on the initial search results page. It's a widely recognized fact that hardly anyone bothers to navigate to the second page of search results. Typically, consumers tend to focus their attention on the first page. If they don't find what they're looking for, they tend to refine their search terms and conduct another search.

You have the opportunity to appear in the suggestion box presented by Google and Bing. When potential customers are seeking the products or services you offer, your business emerges as a suggested option provided by the search engine.

This instills the necessary assurance in consumers to make purchases from your business.

If you are not sure on the keyword to use, we will help

In many instances, you're already familiar with the keyword phrases that attract customers to your business. However, there are moments when determining the optimal keywords can be challenging. That's where our assistance comes in. Our team of professionals is dedicated to collaborating with you in order to identify the most effective keywords tailored to your specific industry.

Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship.  That starts with making sure you are using keyword phrases that will drive in new customers.

When you submit your order for Autocomplete-Optimization, our team will review the keyword phrases you submitted and will follow-up with you if we find any keyword phrases we feel you should consider.  We will perform keyword research based on the f0llowing:


Monthly search volume
Keyword competitiveness
Pay-per-click bid costs
Searches related to buyers vs. researchers
Urgent need phrases